This was a medical textbook online store and free email at one point.

Now I haven't quite decided what to do with it.  I will have some use for it in the future.  I had abandoned this webpage for a while, but it had mentions in the past from U.S. News and World Reports.  I guess going through surgery residency and medical school and radically change one's life and give it a different direction, but it's fun to revisit.


Here's a graphic that used to be on this website.  Neat!  I've managed to impress myself.  Perhaps I've lost some of my old creativity.

I have updated one of the pages recently: 

Dolores Avendano - first web page.  This was one of the first web pages that I've made besides making one for the Brown University Plastic Surgery Department.





For now just visit my work webpage:  Plastic Surgery Modesto - I work with my wife and together we are "Surgical Artistry."

I now live in ModestoWhere is Modesto?

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